Hygiene and quality in product and material testing

Hygiene and Quality in Product and Material Testing at Biolytix

Ensuring the hygiene and quality of products and materials is paramount. At Biolytix, we offer a range of testing procedures to ensure the quality of various plastic products during production and in the final product.

Our team employs a series of rigorous tests to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

For production and end-product control of various plastic goods, we offer:

  • Bioburden Tests according to ISO 11737-1.
  • Detection or exclusion of viable germs, including germ count determination.
  • Detection or exclusion of pathogenic germs, including germ count determination.

Sterility Tests:

  • Detection or exclusion of endotoxins (LAL) Test.
  • Detection or exclusion of ATP contamination.
  • Detection or exclusion of RNase activity.
  • Detection or exclusion of DNase activity.
  • Detection or exclusion of human DNA.
  • Detection or exclusion of PCR inhibition (PCR-Inhibition).

Quality Testing of Medical Protective Masks:

  • Respiratory resistance EN14683.
  • Bacterial filter effectiveness EN14683.
  • Microbiological purity EN14683/ISO11737-1.
  • Splash resistance EN14683/ISO22609.
  • Biocompatibility Test for Medical Products: Cytotoxicity test according to ISO10993-5.

Various other tests to check product properties, such as detection of DNA adhesion, testing for particle contamination (visible and non-visible particles), and more upon request.

Our extensive experience and state-of-the-art testing facilities mean that we can offer tailored solutions to meet specific testing needs. Whether it’s a unique testing requirement or a standard quality check, Biolytix is equipped to deliver.

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