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We live innovation – every day anew. Our passion for innovation drives us to develop ground-breaking solutions in the fields of molecular and microbiological analyses. With state-of-the-art technological resources and an experienced team, we are committed to shaping the future of the industry.

Our research projects – in co-operation with national and European innovators – are innovative and exciting. We don’t just want to develop solutions, we want to proactively drive them forward. Our aim is to set new standards – from the development of new methods in food and wine analysis to revolutionary detection systems. We are also investing in the future by filing patent applications in the field of molecular and microbiology.

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Research projects

Discover Biolytix’s multifaceted research projects in collaboration with national and European innovators. With the aim of advancing molecular biological and microbiological solutions, Biolytix is involved in Innosuisse and EU projects to develop revolutionary methods in food and wine analysis. As a competent and creative partner, Biolytix is ready to lead your projects to success with a wide range of technological resources.

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The innovative strength of Biolytix is demonstrated by our pioneering patent applications in the field of molecular and microbiology. From revolutionary detection systems to advanced production methods, our team of experts creates customized solutions that drive the industry forward. Our commitment is reflected in the latest analytical methods that address specific challenges and offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions.

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Discover Biolytix’s extensive expertise in the core areas of gene expression, microbiology and molecular biology. With decades of experience and a strong network of interdisciplinary partners, we offer solutions in research, development and analysis methods. Our versatile range of equipment enables us to support your project flexibly and competently. B

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