Genotyping refers to molecular genetic tests that provide insights into the genotype of a laboratory animal. Real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) makes it possible to determine various genetic characteristics of an animal quickly, clearly and cost-effectively.

real-time PCR for the determination of genetic characteristics

With real-time PCR, Biolytix can determine:

  • Whether an animal is transgenic or not.
  • The number of gene copies present.
  • Whether an animal is heterozygous or homozygous.

This method is generally used to determine and/or confirm the genotype of an animal.

Specialization in transgenic mice and molecular genetic services

The molecular genetic analysis of transgenic mice has been one of our core competencies since our foundation. This service includes the isolation and purification of DNA and/or RNA from biopsies and the subsequent quantification of DNA or cDNA using real-time PCR. Biolytix specializes in the genotyping of laboratory animals using molecular biological methods and is ISO 17025 certified.

Comprehensive genotyping services at Biolytix

  • Genotyping of mice using PCR (transgene detection, determination of zygosity or gene copy number).
  • Speed congenics using SNP analyses.
  • Testing of already established PCR assays.
  • Establishment and validation of new PCR assays.

Speed Congenics: Accelerated backcrossing technology

Speed congenics refers to the technique of rapid backcrossing. With our established systems, you can quickly cross back a mixed mouse strain to your desired mouse strain. While conventional backcrossing requires around 16 generations, Speed Congenics only needs 4!

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