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Ticks carry dangerous pathogens in 20-50% of cases

Lyme disease, as well as tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), can be transmitted to humans through the tick. Against TBE there is the possibility to protect yourself with a vaccine; there is no vaccine for Lyme disease.

Bacteria-borne Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease, which can lead to multi-faceted symptoms. In the early stages of the disease it can come to a migrating skin redness, with accompanying flu-like symptoms.

In the late stage of the disease, the illness can often spread throughout the whole body with symptoms being: chronic inflammation of the joints, the nervous system, the skin and the heart. The pathogen occurs all over Switzerland up to an altitude of 1’300 meters above sea level.

Biolytix analyzes the ticks for Borrelia DNA. If Borrelia is found, early consultation and, if necessary, treatment by the general practitioner can be carried out.

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You are welcome to send us your tick in a small envelope, pressure seal bag or a small container by mail. To order your test, click the following link.

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