Research & Development

Research Projects

Biolytix has been involved in several Innosuisse projects (formerly: CTI projects)

The following projects have been developed in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion (formerly: Commission for Technology and Innovation):

  • Development of a method to detect pathogenic microorganisms in meat within 24 hours
  • Preparation of eukaryotic Taq DNA polymerase
  • Development of a system for the detection and quantification of yeasts and bacteria in wine

European Projects

Due to participation in EU projects Co-Extra and Trace, we were able to gain experience in organizing and conducting EU-funded projects.

Biolytix is ​​a competent, interdisciplinary and solution-oriented and creative partner for molecular biological and microbiological analysis for institutions and organizaitons.

If required, Biolytix will acquire additional equipment for customer projects and will solve interdisciplinary questions with the know-how and the device technology of network partners. With our versatile device park, we can run projects across multiple platforms and systems.

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