Gene analyses

We have specialised in genetic analyses for more than two decades. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of molecular biological analyses. From DNA and RNA extraction to state-of-the-art genotyping and gene expression, we offer customised solutions for your research needs.

Our extensive experience, combined with state-of-the-art technologies and double quality control, guarantees the highest precision and purity of your nucleic acids. Using advanced real-time PCR techniques and customised PCR assays, we provide fast, clear and cost-effective analyses to drive your research forward.

In addition, we offer specialised services such as DNA methylation analyses and evaluation using Applied Biosystems GeneChip arrays.

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Discover our wide range of analyses and let our expertise help you to answer biological questions and take your research to a new level.

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Gene analyses: our range of analyses

DNA and RNA extraction

Discover Biolytix’s expertise in DNA and RNA extraction. With advanced, matrix-adapted methods and a double methodology for quality assurance, we ensure the highest precision and purity of your nucleic acids for reliable further analyses.

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Discover our expertise in genotyping. Using advanced real-time PCR techniques, Biolytix offers fast, clear and cost-effective analysis. From the determination of transgenicity to the efficient Speed Congenics method – we implement molecular biological precision to advance your research.

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PCR assays

With over two decades of experience, Biolytix is your competent partner for the development and validation of PCR assays. From nucleic acid extraction to method verification, as well as consulting in laboratory planning and equipment testing.

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Applied Biosystems GeneChip Analysis (Affymetrix-GeneChip®)

Biolytix performs analyses using Applied Biosystems GeneChip arrays. From holistic transcriptome and exon analyses to high-resolution genetic divergence studies, our service offers a wide range of biomolecular analyses.

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Gene expression

Precise analyses that provide essential insights for drug development and gene function research. Using the latest qRT-PCR techniques, we guarantee accurate measurements and provide you with comprehensively interpreted results to answer your biological questions.

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DNA methylation analysis

Discover our customized services for DNA methylation analysis, a key element in gene regulation. From targeted bisulfite sequencing to 5 mC DNA ELISA testing – we offer precise analyses for specific methylation sites.

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