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Since the company was founded, Biolytix has used real-time PCR for the detection of GMO traces in complex and highly processed food and feed, in tobacco, in cut flowers (eg tulips), in ornamental plants (eg petunia) or seed samples, but also in other products such as fibers and textiles.

Accompanying GMO analysis, we offer you customized advice on all questions relating to genetically modified organisms.

Qualitative detection and identification of GMOs and their components

Biolytix offers several real-time PCR methods for general screening of GMOs and their components. The following plant species are in particular focus: tobacco, rapeseed, corn, soy, potato, rice, cotton, tomato, sugar beet, sunflower, melon, mustard, linseed, wheat, vines and papaya. Biolytix is ​​able to identify a variety of GMO events of different plant species with its methods (current range of analyzes GMOs).

Quantitative determination of GMOs and their components

The quantification of GMO components makes it possible to check the declaration obligation for authorized GMOs in food or feed. It also provides information on the magnitude of the unwanted or unauthorized entry of GMOs and their components into products that were originally GMO-free.

Customer-specific advice

Biolytix also establishes customized solutions for GMOs for proprietary quality assurance systems. Our IP concepts can be integrated into existing QA systems. Regular audits guarantee complete traceability right down to the raw material.

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