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GMO analysis in food, feed and other products

Use of real-time PCR methods at Biolytix

Since its foundation, Biolytix has been using real-time PCR methods to detect traces of GMOs in complex and highly processed food and feed, tobacco, cut flowers, ornamental plants, seed samples and other products such as fibers and textiles.

Versatile real-time PCR methods for GMO analyses

We offer various real-time PCR methods for the general analysis of GMOs and their components. This allows us to identify a wide range of GMO events in different plant species.

Qualitative and quantitative GMO detection

Our services include the qualitative detection and identification of GMOs and their components. We also offer the quantitative determination of GMO components, which makes it possible to check the declaration obligation for approved GMOs in food or animal feed.

Advice and customized solutions for GMO issues

In addition to GMO analysis, we offer customer-specific advice on all issues relating to genetically modified organisms. We also develop customized solutions for GMOs for company-specific quality assurance systems.

Commitment to transparency and compliance

Our aim is to create transparency in the supply chain through our specialized services and to help our customers meet regulatory requirements. We understand the importance of accuracy and reliability in GMO analysis and are committed to ensuring that our customers can operate in the marketplace with complete confidence in the integrity of their products.

Any questions?

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