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Since its foundation in 1998 Biolytix AG has been a leading, independent specialized laboratory for molecular biological and microbiological analysis with ISO 17025 accreditation.

Biolytix is headquartered in Witterswil Switzerland and aims to be a leading partner for microbiological and molecular biology analyzes. Biolytix works with clients in all major international markets and strives to have a leading position in its core competencies (real-time PCR, ELISA).

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Your expert for quality control, allergen detection and GMO analyzes

Biolytix AG is a service company specialized in gene expression as well as microbiological and molecular biological water, feed and food analysis. In our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories in Witterswil, Switzerland, more than one million samples have been analyzed since our inception – also as part of quality control. We work with national and international, municipal and private, industrial and academic clients and aim to be leaders in our core competencies.

Hygiene, Food & Environment

Nahrung und Umwelt / Food, Feed and Agro

Veterinary Diagnostics


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Gen Analyse

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