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Since its foundation in 1998, Biolytix AG has been a leading independent specialized laboratory for molecular biological and microbiological analysis with ISO 17025 accreditation.

Biolytix aims to be a leading partner for microbiology and molecular biology analysis, headquartered in Switzerland and working with customers in all major international markets. In its core competencies (real-time PCR, ELISA), Biolytix aims to be a global leader.

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Our business areas

Environmental & product analysis


The hygiene and quality of products and materials – ensuring this for our customers is a top priority at Biolytix. Our experienced team guarantees the highest quality and safety standards by means of the strictest tests in the areas of environmental analysis and product hygiene.

Hygiene, Food & Environment


In the area of hygiene, food and the environment, we specialize in the identification of allergens, GMO traces and microorganisms using ELISA and PCR. The range of services also includes legionella tests, mycotoxin analyses, species identification, dioxin tests, hygiene checks in dental practices and much more.

Gene analyses


Biolytix offers advanced genetic analysis services, including precise DNA and RNA extraction, efficient genotyping by real-time PCR, and PCR assay development and validation. We specialize in DNA methylation analyses and offer comprehensive GeneChip analyses.

Research & Development


Biolytix is active in research and development, specializing in molecular biological and microbiological innovations. We participate in national and European projects. Our expertise includes gene expression, microbiology and molecular biology, supported by a strong interdisciplinary network and state-of-the-art technology.

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