Hygiene, Food & Environment

Hygiene, food and product quality


The quality of food and feed as well as the quality of water and air are subject to special hygiene and microbiology requirements.

Hygiene control of food and food production

Since 2005, Biolytix has been regularly analyzing food hygiene in food and service establishments for self-inspection and testing of food safety and process control in production. With the help of microbiological results, companies can be supported and advised in the implementation of company-specific hygiene concepts and compliance with the law.

Hygiene control of product features and sterility

Biolytix offers microbiological storage or stability tests to characterize microbiological product properties. For example: to test preservation success or determine shelf life. A successful sterilization strategy or batch checks for product sterility are tested in our laboratory in microbiological test series. Similarly, the effectiveness of disinfectants can be tested.

Hygiene control of water and air, piping and ventilation systems as well as building and environmental samples

Biolytix examines water and air samples and cooperates with companies in the field of water hygiene and supply as well as the areas of environment, ventilation, work and room hygiene.

We will create a suitable concept for checking hygiene and product quality. We also support you in the creation and implementation of tailor-made HACCP concepts.

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