Gene Analysis

DNA and RNA extraction

Nucleic acid extraction

Biolytix has many years of experience in the field of DNA and RNA extraction. In order to be able to remove the inhibitors with certainty in the DNA or RNA extraction, Biolytix works with matrix-adapted methods. In addition, almost every sample matrix has a second method that can be used as a control. The extraction methods are constantly being developed by us.

DNA and RNA extractions from individual samples and sample series

The customer receives purified and controlled DNA or RNA that can be used for further investigation. Various extraction methods and quality control options are available for the extracted and purified DNA or RNA.

DNA extraction for the preparation of analytical standards

Biolytix is ​​able to extract large amounts of DNA from your sample matrix. If desired, this DNA is aliquoted into suitable portions and lyophilized.

Quality Control of Nucleic Acids

For the quality control of nucleic acids, Biolytix offers photometric determination, classical gel electrophoresis, BioAnalyzer (Agilent) or MultiNA (Shimadzu) analysis and real-time PCR control.

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