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The specialists on molecular biological and microbiological analyzes.

Since its founding in 1998, Biolytix has established several mainstays. Biolytix is financially independent and privately owned. The clientele of Biolytix is international and found in various industries. Biolytix has established a very strict quality management system and has been accredited to ISO 17025 (Biolytix ISO 17025 certificate) since 2004 , with a broad scope of accreditation (Scope of accreditation Biolytix 2019-2024). In addition, Biolytix can also carry out orders in accordance with FDA guidelines.

What makes Biolytix different?: Great expertise, strong customer focus, speed and reliability. Many years of experience in biomolecular analytics, food and pharmaceutical diagnostics. Professional advice and customer-oriented services. Application of modern and innovative technology for fast, efficient and precise analyzes.

Our extensive equipment park complements our practical expertise ideally.

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Affiliations / Memberships

Biolytix is a member of the following associations and organizations

  1. Swiss Biotech Association (SBA)
  2. Swiss Testing Labs (STL)
  3. Swiss Society for Microbiology (SGM)
  4. AK PCR-Analysis – Association of German Agricultural Research Institutes (VDLUFA) – (Feed analyzes)
  5. Swiss Society for Experimental Animal Science (SGV)
  6. Society for Experimental Animal Science (GV-SOLAS)
  7. Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA)
  8. Swiss Expert Associations for Food Microbiology (ERFA Microbiology) GMO Analyzes (ERFA GMO), Animal and Plant Species Identification, Allergen Detection (ERFA Allergens)

Research and development projects

  1. Swiss CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation)
  2. EU Projects (TRACE, Co-Extra, Decathlon)
  3. Supervision of undergraduate students and post-docs from various universities.

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