Hygiene and quality in product and material testing

For the production and end product control of various plastic products, we offer various test procedures for testing product quality:

  • Bioburden tests according to ISO 11737-1
  • Detection or exclusion of viable germs including germ count determination
  • Detection or exclusion of pathogenic germs including germ counts

Sterility tests

  • Detection or exclusion of endotoxin (LAL) test
  • Detection or exclusion of ATP contamination
  • Detection or exclusion of RNase activity
  • Detection or exclusion of DNase activity
  • Detection or exclusion of human DNA
  • Detection or exclusion of PCR inhibition (PCR inhibition)

Quality testing of medical protective masks

  • Breathing resistance EN14683
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency EN14683
  • Microbiological cleanliness EN14683/ISO11737-1
  • Splash resistance EN14683/ISO22609
  • Biocompatibility test for medical devices: Cytotoxicity test according to ISO10993-5

Various other tests for testing product properties such as e.g. Proof of DNA adhesion, particle contamination check (visible and non-visible particles), etc. on request.

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