Microbiological testing of hygiene masks according to ISO standards


Witterswil, 2. September 2020 – Hygiene masks are now an everyday product. However, masks of varying quality are found in circulation. This fact was also discovered on 1. September by the Swiss program “Kassensturz”.

If you would like to check whether your masks have been stored properly and whether the regulations according to ISO standards have been fulfilled by the producer, we are the right partner.

For medical protective masks of type II, a test of the germ content according to EN14683 with examination of the microbiological purity according to ISO11737-1 is required for official marketing. The test according to ISO 11737 also determines the presence of mould and fungi.

We can offer the following analyses: Microbiological purity (bioburden) according to ISO11737-1

An identification of morphologically different moulds can then be carried out using mass spectroscopy (MALDI-TOF-MS/MS). A classification of the pathogenic potential for the detected moulds is also possible afterwards.

Further analyses:
– Bacterial filter performance according to EN14683 Appendix B
– Determination of breathability (differential pressure) according to EN14683 Annex C
– Testing against penetration/ splash protection according to ISO22609
– Biocompatibility test for medical devices: Cytotoxicity test according to ISO10993-5


– Kassensturz – Hygienemasken vom 2. Sept 2020 (in German)- https://srf.ch/play/tv/redirect/detail/359852c4-4410-4984-b88f-741fb6a774a6
Photo by Noah on Unsplash
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