Tick Test

20-50% of ticks carry dangerous sources of disease. Both Lyme disease and early summer meningoencephalitis  (ESME) can spread from ticks to humans. A vaccine is available for ESME but not for Lyme disease. 


The bacteria carried by Lyme disease are the cause of the most common disease caused by ticks and lead to a large variety of symptoms. In the early stages it can take the form of an expanding rash on the skin (erythema migrans) with accompanying symptoms similar to influenza.  


In the more advanced stages it can often affect the whole body with chronic inflammation in joints, the nervous system, the skin and the heart. The pathogens can be found in Switzerland above 1300 meters. There is no available vaccination against this disease.


Biolytix offers a rapid and clear detection method: we analyze the ticks for Borrelia DNA. If results are positive, early treatment and therapy can be started by the patient’s general practitioner. 


Tick tests are available in pharmacies throughout Switzerland. You can find more information at www.zeckentest.ch