DNA and RNA Extraction

Nucleic acid extraction

Biolytix has a wealth of experience in DNA and RNA extraction. To remove inhibitors in DNA and RNA extraction Biolytix works with matrix-adapted methods. In addition there is a second method for almost every test matrix which can be used as a control. The extraction methods are under constant development.

Extractions from individual samples

Biolytix offers both DNA and RNA extraction as a service. The client receives purified and checked DNA and RNA for use in testing. There are various extraction methods and possibilities for quality control of the extracted and purified DNA and RNA.

DNA extraction for creating standards

Biolytix is capable of extracting and purifying large quantities of DNA from a test matrix. If required the DNA can be aliquoted in suitable portions and be dried in our Speed-Vac.

Quality control of nucleic acids

For the quality control of nucleic acids Biolytic offers photo-metric detection, classic gel electrophoresis analysis using the Bioanalyzer (Agilent) and MultiNA (Shimadzu) as well as monitoring using real-time PCR.  

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