Genotyping involves molecular genetic testing which provides information on the genotype of laboratory animals. Using real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) it can quickly, accurately and cheaply be determined:

  • whether or not an animal is transgenic
  • how many copies of a gene are present
  • whether or not an animal is heterozygous


These methods can be used in general to identify or confirm the genotype of an animal.


The molecular genetic testing of transgenic mice has been one of our core skills from the beginning.  This service comprises the isolation and purification of DNA and/or RNA from biopsies and the quantification of the DNA or cDNA using real-time PCR.


Biolytix specializes in genotyping laboratory animals with molecular biological processes and is certified to  ISO 17025.

Biolytix offers the following services:

  • Genotyping of mice using PCR (transgenic detection, ascertaining zygotes or the number of copies of a gene).
  • Speed congenics using SNP analysis.
  • Testing of existing PCR assays.
  • Establishing and validation of new PCR assays.

Speed Congenics = Fast Backcrossing

With our methods you can very quickly backcross a mixed mouse strain to your desired mouse strain. With conventional methods you require around 16 generations to do this, while with speed congenics it is only 4!


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