Biolytix is the official service laboratory of Affymetrix in Switzerland.

Thanks to our close cooperation with Affymetrix Switzerland, Biolytix can offer the analysis of various Affymetrix GeneChip® Arrays.  We offer the following services:


  • Whole-Transcriptome Expression Analysis:

-         GeneChip® Transcriptome Arrays: For gene expression profiles of all transcript isoforms

-         GeneChip® Exon Arrays: Interrogation of exon clusters within known and predicted transcribed regions of the entire genome

-         GeneChip® Gene Arrays: measurement of protein coding and long intergenic non-coding RNA transcripts

  • GeneChip® 3’ Expressions Arrays: Industry standard, precise, robust and simple analysis of gene expression differences focused on the 3’-End.
  • GeneChip® Tiling Arrays: Genome-wide understanding and representation of new transcripts.
  • miRNA Analysis: Get comprehensive coverage and analysis of small non-coding RNA transcripts with the Affimetrix®  miRNA Arrays
  • Whole Genome Approach: SNP Arrays
  • CytoScan Arrays (Cytogenetics): Genome-wide approach for coverage of genetic aberrations with high resolution
  • DMET Plus (Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporter): Translating pharmacogenomics from genotypes to predicted phenotypes.


Biolytix can offer the highest level of service thanks to 

  • a wealth of experience in bio-molecular analysis
  • a strict quality management system according to ISO 17025, in place since 2004
  • a very well-equipped LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • experience of service agreements with large pharmaceutical companies


We guarantee fast, straightforward communication and easy access to our experts.


Biolytix offers the following services:

  • RNA- & DNA- extraction
  • Gene expression analysis: 3’ Expressions-, Exon- and Tiling Array analyses on the Affymetrix platform
  • Genome wide Approach: SNP mapping Arrays, Cyto Scan Arrays, DMET Plus
  • Bio-informatic evaluation of the data by external partners
  • Drafting of reports
  • Rapid and fast data transmission


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