Welcome to Biolytix We analyse the core of life! Biolytix AG, founded in 1998, is a leading, independent laboratory specialized in molecular and microbiological analyses with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

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Your Expert in Genetic and Food Analytics

Biolytix AG is a service provider specialised in microbiological and bio-molecular water, food and animal feed analytics. In the first 15 years of our existence we analysed in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories in Witterswil, Switzerland, more than a million specimens. We cooperate with domestic and international, municipal and private, as well as industrial and academic customers, while striving for a leading position in the above-mentioned core competencies.

Reliable Water, Seed, Food and Animal Feed Analytics

Water, food and animal feed are expected to be of particularly high quality. To meet this safety requirement, in our food laboratory we carry out the following food and water analysis tests:

  • Detection of GMOs
  • Detection of allergens
  • Detection of mycotoxins
  • Identification of animal species
  • Microbiological assays
  • Identification of Legionella in water

Nucleic Acid Extraction and Gene Expression and Genome Wide Analyses:

If you are interested in RNA and DNA extraction, our molecular genetics laboratories can help you in a competent way. We use a number of various DNA and RNA extraction procedures. Both large and small scale gene expression studies can be conducted using customised strategies, either with real time PCR or using Affymetrix (Gen-, Exon-, miRNA, SNP-, Cytoscan-, DMET-Arrays) technology.

PCR Genotyping:

Our genotyping service provides you with excellent information on the genotype of your transgenic animals or your crop plant. PCR assays help us quickly and clearly identify the genotype of your animal or new breed. We specialise in both classic PCR assays and real-time PCRs. We are happy to advise you whenever you have any questions on our PCR tests.

Veterinary Diagnostics:

Our veterinary department uses validated microbiological, bio-molecular and serological methods as well as classic microscopy. The hygienic status of animals can be reliably assessed in this way.


With our wide range of services, modern infrastructure and highly dedicated and experienced team, we are able to meet perfectly all challenges in molecular and microbiology as well as water, food and animal feed analytics.