About us


Biolytix was founded in June 1998 and along with other life science companies it moved into the Technology Center in Witterswil (12 km from Basel). Since its inception, the team and its range of services have expanded steadily.

Biolytix offers a wide range of services with a commitment to fulfill our customers’ expectations in a consistently reliable, trustworthy and confidential manner. This goal is achieved by an experienced, highly-qualified and motivated team.


Biolytix aims to be a leading partner for microbiological and molecular biological analysis, with the main location in Switzerland and our customers in all major international markets. In the core competencies (real-time PCR, ELISA) Biolytix wants to take a leading position in the world.


Biolytix is a member of the following associations and organizations: 


Projects in Research and Development (R&D):

  • Swiss KTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation)
  • EU projects (TRACE, Co-Extra, Decathlon)
  • supervision of bachelor students and post-docs from universities and universities of applied siences